Effortless ways to transform your home

Effortless ways to transform your home

A home refresh can seem pretty daunting, not to mention expensive, and how do you choose which room to even start with? If you feel like your lounge, bedrooms, entrance hall or bathrooms could do with an inexpensive interiors update, and you’re looking for some décor tips that get you the instant feel-good results that you’re after, you’ve landed in the right place!

For six simple tips that you can use today to instantly transform your home, keep reading…


Green(ery) means go

There’s something to be said for bringing nature into your home. Not only are indoor plants shown to reduce stress and make us feel at ease, they also improve air quality and even absorb noise – hello home sanctuary! Aside from all of those amazing benefits, plants are a sure way to freshen up your space as well. Our plant décor tip: If you’re already tight on floor space, why not try hanging air plants that you can put into your kitchen, hang against a wall, near a window or near your favourite chair in the lounge.

We love the contrast between the greenery and pops of warm autumn colours.


Beautiful by nature

From earthy tones to organic textures and animal prints, our beautiful continent is an abundant source of interior inspiration. When choosing decorative pieces or even furniture, get inspired by the natural elements around us. From rattan, jute and seagrass to brushed concrete, marble and wood of various tones and textures, working with natural resources and fibres will give your home a timeless feel that doesn’t fall out of trend after one or two seasons.


Get cushy

Are we the only ones totally obsessed with cushions? It almost seems too easy, but something as simple as a quick cushion update can really transform the feel of a space. We love swopping out cushions and playing with different cushion sizes, colours and textures. It’s a very inexpensive (and quick) way to freshen up a room and make a space feel new again.


 Try cushions with a different texture to your couch or bed linen, and play with assorted prints and tones of the same colours.


Mirror, mirror

Mirrors add light and beauty to any space and when strategically placed, they can make a room feel more open and spacious. A mirror can be strictly functional creating the illusion of a bigger room, or it can become the focal point, creating balance in a room. A mirror opposite a window will reflect the outdoors and give the illusion of a second window. Our tip: Try mirrors in a different shape to your other wall hangings, like round, oval, arched or pill-shaped. Before you hang a mirror, consider what it will be reflecting, and what height it should be hung at to get the best effect.  


Treat your shelf

Less is definitely more when it comes to styling a curated bookshelf. The more items you have, the less of an impact your shelf will make. Keep things simple and add a few books with décor accents like bold bookends, vases or ornaments. And don’t let your shelf become the dumping ground for the miscellaneous objects that don’t have anywhere else to go. (Don’t worry, we know this from experience!) Our tip: Consider removing dust jackets from hard cover books for a more sophisticated looking collection. And don’t feel like they should all stand vertically. When stacking, start with the largest book at the bottom, and stack two or three smaller ones on top, with an ornament or vase alongside.

Shift some of your table accessories onto your shelves to make them a more considered décor feature.


Wonder walls

Add some love to your walls by creating a gallery of your favourite family photos and wall art pieces.

For a formal yet modern look, hang modern or abstract art near more traditional furniture. You could even lean some portraits against the wall for a laid-back take on the gallery wall, or consider creating a feature wall using wallpaper. If you’re planning on hanging multiple frames of different sizes, use paper cut-outs the same size as your frames and stick them up on the wall so you can test a few different arrangements.