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The Amphora | The Joie Collection Exclusive

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Amphora means an ancient Greek jar or vase with a large oval body, narrow cylindrical neck, and two handles.

There are decorative elements in every home that are as purposeful as they are aesthetically pleasing.

As we yearn for balance, the amphora represents a symbol of poise, simplicity and stability. Even more than balance, this piece tells a story of organic expression, a return to artisanal made items, and a holistic approach to living. 

While an amphora vessel is, indeed, functional, you can use one decoratively in many ways throughout the home, from a centerpiece with flowers to a corner nook in a bedroom or home office, placed on a bookshelf or near your front door.

They’re great for adding warmth, dimension and, layering or bringing abit of old-world feel to modern spaces.


34cm x 14cm

Please note that this product is hand-made, and variations of appearance may occur between each vase.


The Amphora | The Joie Collection Exclusive


34cm x 14cm