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The Venus | The Joie Collection Exclusive

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Venus in honour of the planet long associated with beauty and harmonious shapes, the vase’s contours celebrate femininity.

There are decorative elements in every home that are as purposeful as they are aesthetically pleasing.

The Venus represents a symbol of beauty and femininity. This piece tells a story of organic expression and a return to artisanal made items.

This piece can be used in many ways throughout the home, from a centerpiece with flowers, placed on a bookshelf or near your front door.

They’re great for adding warmth, dimension and, layering or bringing abit of old-world feel to modern spaces.

Colour : Terracotta


Small : 17cm x 10cm

Large: 27cm x 15cm

Please note that this product is hand-made, and variations of size and appearance may occur between each vase.


The Venus | The Joie Collection Exclusive